Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Vote - It's Empowering

Today, I voted.

And it was awesome.

Often, we hear about voting in the negative. Facebook and twitter are both constantly filled with memes and posts stating something along the lines of "Make sure to vote...otherwise THEY (whichever party) will do this and that and that will be really really bad". Our "civic duty" is cast in the negative - make sure to do this or something will  be taken away from you.

But I am here with a different, albeit brief, message: Vote - it is empowering.

This morning I got up early to go to my local polling place to cast a ballot on whether or not Ann Arbor should increase property taxes for increased public transit. I know, I know, a super sexy topic that really gets people out of bed and out to the polls (for me, it does, because I love public transit and believe it is underfunded - but that is a topic for another blog post).

But when I got into the voting booth  it didn't matter that I was voting for a public transit tax. I felt excited that I was there - saying "yes" to something that impacts me on a daily basis. I felt nervous as I filled out the bubble with my vote - double checking that I filled it in correctly and that I didn't misread the question (even though I had read it about a dozen times online).

I felt I had a voice.

Voting isn't always about voting "against" something or someone. It isn't about fear. It is about putting your voice into the world through your ballot. And your one voice, coupled with those who vote with you, enact the real change in this country.

Go vote...its empowering.

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