Saturday, January 26, 2013

Buffalo Wild Wings Is Clearly Violating the Second Amendment

So the famous American wing chain Buffalo Wild Wings, has decided to put signage (left) on the front doors of many of their restaurants. Naturally, this has caused quite a frenzy on the Right, as individuals are claiming that their "second amendment rights" are being violated by the new policy and that BWW is "unpatriotic" because of their decision.

It is not surprising that many individuals who claim fealty to the Second Amendment don't actually understand what the Second Amendment means, or even what the Constitution as a whole means. Does the Constitution regulate private action? Can it dictate that private companies like facebook and twitter respect "freedom of speech"? No. In no way has the Constitution ever applied to private businesses. Buffalo Wild Wings, as a private company, can decide to implement a policy that restricts individuals from carrying guns on their property in the same way that I could tell someone that they cannot carry a gun into my house.

Pro "we want to carry guns everywhere" individuals (I won't call them pro-second amendment, as I believe that one can respect the second amendment AND believe in gun control), are free to not eat at BWW, and that is their choice. They can engage in a boycott much like the LGBT community has decided to do when it comes to Chick-fil-A, and based upon the effectiveness of their boycott, they may be able to change BWW's policy. Yet what these individuals cannot do, is claim that their rights are being violated, because it was never their "constitutional right" to carry a weapon into a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in the first place.

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