Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chuck Colson Just Hates That Gays are Boycotting Chick-Fil-A - It Must be Censorship

    So in yesterdays edition of Breakpoint, Chuck Colson (the main proponent of the Manhattan Declaration, and a "born again Christian") once again has started to classify Christians as victims of the evil homosexual activist lobby. He states,

Is this an example of the more respectful civil discourse we are all supposed to adopt? Unfortunately, homosexual activists are attempting to punish someone who holds an opinion different than their own. This kind of attack against a company whose officer’s are prominent Christians undermines the freedoms we all enjoy.
Yet two can play at this ugly game. Just for example, the Human Rights Campaign, which works for marriage rights for homosexuals, bisexuals, and the “transgendered community,” lists a large number of corporate sponsors, many of which are household names. Here are a few: Starbucks, Microsoft, Nike, Google, Dell, American Airlines, and a whole lot more. Imagine what would happen if Christians, who have at least ten times the numbers of the homosexual community, were to start boycottingthem?
Is it the American way to muzzle every group that supports something with which we disagree? That’s what happened, incidentally, with our Manhattan Declaration, which stands for traditional marriage. Gay-rights activists apparently convinced Apple to remove our app from its iTunes store.
I, for one, support the expansion of freedom, not its suppression. We must protect free discourse for all—even Christians! As the historian Henry Steele Commager said, “Censorship always defeats its own purpose, for it creates, in the end, the kind of society that is incapable of exercising real discretion.”
       I for one, don't see how anyone is suppressing freedom here...please help me out if I am missing something.   Though I don't necessarily agree with the Chick-Fil-A boycott, it IS market forces at work. There is no suppression of freedom by people labeling a company as anti-gay, and subsequently refusing to eat there. This is not fact this is freedom in its purest form. Instead of being forced to support a company that you do not agree with, gay rights activists are exercising their freedom of both association and the press with the boycott. I think that Colson is just angry because these freedoms are being directed against views that he himself holds

       The same thing can be said with Apple and the Manhattan Declaration, which is an issue that for some reason Colson just cannot let go. Apple is in no way required to approve of an app. that does not conform with its companies policies. If Colson truly wants Apple to change its policy, then I have a solution...its called a boycott. You see, instead of just classifying themselves as victims, a boycott actually forces people to put their actions in line with their words...something that I feel Colson and the like are just not willing to do.

Friday, February 18, 2011

No Mass Exodus of Troops from DADT Repeal!

         The top commandant in the United States Marine Corps - General James Amos - has stated that he does not believe that the lifting of the ban on gay and lesbians in the armed forces will lead to a "mass exodus" from the military. In fact, he says the exact opposite, saying that it will maybe only cause a "blip" in normal operations.

       This, if you recall, was one of the major concerns of those who were against repeal...a concern that, in my opinion, made our men and women in uniform out to be some sort of scared children who would not want someone to look at them a certain way. I for one am glad that Amos has come out and said this. That being said, I don't think that it will stop the lies and deceit over DADT repeal from the people at WND or the like.

AOL reports...

The Marine Corps commandant who once said openly gay service members would be a dangerous "distraction" and was among the most outspoken opponents of repealing the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy said today he does not expect to lose troops over the change.

"I haven't had any indication yet at all, not at all," Gen. James Amos told reporters when asked if he expected the mass exodus of troops that Sen.John McCain and other critics predicted if the ban was lifted.

Amos was visiting troops in Afghanistan's Helmand Province when President Barack Obama signed the repeal in late December. He said he addressed some 12,000 Marines about the change and "everyone said, 'Sir, we got it. We're going to do this thing.'"

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Maryland Has the Votes to Pass Gay Marriage!!

      In Maryland, State Senator James Rosapepe  has announced that he will be voting for the Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act that just passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee! This means that there are 24 guaranteed votes for marriage equality in the State Senate - enough to pass!! All that we need to do now is ensure that there will be no filibuster of the bill - really the only thing that marriage equality opponents have left to stop same-sex marriages from being legalized in the state. We will need 29 votes to override.any chance of a filibuster.

       As should be expected, the Maryland Catholic Conference believes that the bill does not provide enough support for religious freedom, stating,

"The bill continues to provide no protections for an individual's religious freedoms, such as those of a clerk forced to issue a marriage license to a same-sex couple.
      All I can say is...seriously? Should this even be a valid concern? In my opinion, it only shows the level of stupidity that our opponents in Maryland have stooped to.  Government services should obviously be subject to the feelings of the person giving it.

The full story can be found here.

Washington State Scraps Gay Marriage Bill But Committee Approves Marriage Recognition Bill

This just in from Washington State - the House Judiciary Committee failed to pass a bill that would allow same-sex marriages to occur in the State. That being said, the Committee did send to the full House a bill that would allow Washington State to recognize all marriages performed somewhere else. This bill has enough cosponsors (55) to pass the full House, thus all that is needed is for the Senate to introduce a similar bill - something that has not yet been done. The final count for the marriage recognition bill was seven Democrats in favor and six Republicans against.

Full Story can be found here.

Maryland Senate Committee Approves Gay Marriage Bill!

       This afternoon, a majority of the Maryland Judicial Proceedings Committee approved 7-3 a bill legalizing gay marriage in the state. It now moves to the full Senate chamber, where the vote seems to be in favor of gay marriage, but is still close to call. If you have not called your state senator about this important legislation, make sure to do so! The Washington Post reports...

Legislation that would legalize same-sex marriages in Maryland was approved Thursday afternoon by a Senate committee, easily clearing the first hurdle needed for passage this year by the General Assembly.
The 7-to-4 vote by the Judicial Proceedings Committee sends the bill the Senate floor, where a lengthy and emotional debate is expected next week on the most high-profile social issue facing lawmakers during their 90-day session.
Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. (D-Calvert) predicted Thursday that the bill narrowly would pass in his chamber. The legislation next would move to the House of Delegates, traditionally the more liberal chamber on social policy.
Maryland would join the District and five other states in allowing marriages between same-sex couples.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hawaii Legislature Approves Civil Unions!!

The Hawaii State Legislature has finally approved the Civil Unions bill and will be sending it to Governor Neil Abercrombie who has pledged to sign it! Good for you Hawaii!!

From NPR....

The Hawaii Legislature approved a bill on Wednesday allowing civil unions for same-sex couples, sending the measure to the state's Democratic governor, who has said he will sign it into law.
Democratic Gov. Neil Abercrombie's office said he intends to sign the bill within 10 days, and civil unions would begin Jan. 1, 2012.
The Senate's 18-5 vote came after years of thousands-strong rallies, election battles and passionate public testimony on an issue that has divided the Rainbow State for nearly two decades.
The measure grants gay and lesbian couples the same rights and benefits the state provides to married couples.
Hawaii would become the seventh state to grant essentially the same rights of marriage to same-sex couples without authorizing marriage itself.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Contact Rhode Island House Members to Support Marriage Equality!

     I was just informed of this from Marriage Equality Rhode Island, but a gentleman on Facebook compiled this list of all Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee Members... As he said, it is key that we - no matter what part of the country we are from - call these people!! The opposition is lobbying hard for their side - even though they know that a majority of Rhode Islanders support marriage equality.

Here is the list compiled by Trevor...
Rep. Michael Chippendale 401-497-4495
Rep. Michael Marcello 401-647-5905
Rep. Peter Martin 401-924-2402
Rep. John DeSimone 401-454-1400
Rep. Donald Lally 401-792-9090
Rep. Richard Morrison 401-222-2258
Rep. Patrick O’Neill 401-475-0265
Rep. Michael Tarro 401-272-8300
Rep. Robert Flaherty 401-781-7200
Rep. Jon Brien 401-766-9887
Rep. Doreen Costa 401-206-6891
Rep. Edie Ajello 401-274-7078
Rep. Blazejewski 401-484-8814
Speaker of the House Gordon Fox 401-222-2466
Majority Leader Nicholas Mattiello 401-222-2466

Now that you've done that (I hope) would you like to call the senate committee? Tell them YES on S0029 (Marriage Equality bill) and tell them NO on S0115 (DOMA bill)

Sen. Maryellen Goodwin 401-222-6655
Sen. Dawson Hodgson 401-203-3256
Sen. Paul Jabour 401-276-5594
Sen. Erin lynch 401-276-5594
Sen. Michael McCaffrey 401-739-7576
Sen. Harold Metts 401-272-0112
Sen. Donna Nesselbush 401-728-3244
Sen. Rhoda Perry 401-276-5567
Sen. Glenford Shibley 401-222-2708
Sen. William Walaska 401-737-1065
Senate President Teresa Paiva-Weed 401-222-6655
Majority Leader Dominick Ruggerio 401-222-3310

So Get to Calling!!

What Makes A Conservative?

In an article published on Focus On the Families Citizen Link, the social conservatives have assumed that they will win the war for the very heart of conservatism. As Tom Minnery, Senior Vice President of government and public policy at FOTF said, 
“It’s hard to see how a group like GOProud — purposely undermining the issue of marriage — can have a place at this conference,” 
And then Al Cardenas, the incoming chair of the American Conservative Union (ACU), the group which runs CPAC, states that,
 “I’m not going to — for the sake of being inclusive — change the principles that have made the      movement what it is.”
My question is, what happens when a movement does not become as monolithic as it supposes itself to be. What happens, and has already happened, when someone from the libertarian wing of Conservatism is pro-gay marriage. Does that make him less of a conservative? It seems as though to the social conservatives, as well as to Al Cardenas, it does. 

But then it must be asked,  to be a conservative, must you believe all things that are conservative? Or are you allowed to pick and choose what is the best policy. If you have to meet a certain list of criteria, could it not be said that conservatism the enemy of free thought and discourse?

Is there a place within conservatism for those who disagree with any of the three branches - the social conservatives, the fiscal conservatives, the neo-conservatives - or must all of those who agree with one and not the others be left out in the political cold.  What do you all think?
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