Thursday, April 28, 2011

To Say Gay or Not To Say Gay

    I have blogged about this issue previously, but it has recently garnered alot of national  - and international - criticism, so therefore I thought I would address some of the new arguments that have come out in support of the bill. Specifically, Senator Campfield, the proponent of the bill, claims that it is "neutral" in its scope, because it does not allow teachers to teach good or bad things about homosexuality and the LGBT community. 

    When I saw a clip of the interview where he said that, I just wanted to laugh at his stupidity. First of all, as I said before, it is not neutral, because it directly marginalizes a group of people. Would a bill be neutral, for example, if a state legislature of a predominantly white state mandated that their would be no discussion of race or race related issues in the classroom?  Of course not, and the proposal in Tennessee is just as ridiculous! The only reason why the latter is gaining any traction is because their is still a hatred against LGBT people and their sexual orientation. If the citizenry viewed LGBT individuals as normal and healthy productive members of society, a discussion of our families would be just as normal as discussing an issue like race. Thats where the problem lies, and one which will only be changed as LGBT people come out of the closet and live in honesty with others, and show that we are just as normal as the rest of society. 

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