Saturday, January 15, 2011

Is The Tea Party Drifting From its Limited Government Roots?

      This is very very telling. Though the Tea Party has been traditionally concerned mainly with economic issues, it is no secret that the sizable portion of those who are in this fragment of the Republican Party are social conservatives. Today we saw, for one of the first times, a "Tea Party" rally concerned with social issues - banning gay marriage and abortion rights. From the Chicago Tribune...

About 35 people gathered for a Tea Party rally in Council Bluffs calling for a ban on gay marriage and stricter abortion laws in Iowa. 

Republican legislator Kim Pearson, of Pleasant Hill, was among the speakers at Saturday afternoon's gathering at the Mid-America Center. The Daily Nonpareil reports that Pearson said a ban would be quicker to pass than a constitutional amendment. 

In 2009, the Iowa Supreme Court unanimously ruled that a state law limiting marriage to heterosexual couples violated the constitutional right of equal protection. Voters removed three of those justices in November after a campaign targeted their support of the ruling. 

Pearson and two of her colleagues have drafted legislation to impeach the remaining four justices. 
      Interesting that self-styled Tea Partier's - whose goal is to limit government intervention into the private lives of its citizens - are instead pushing for said intervention. Only in the mind of a social conservative does this blatant contradiction make any sense.


  1. 35? Wow! That is lot of people.

  2. Its not necessarily the amount of people that attended such an event that is important. What is important is that it was a "tea party" event at which an elected leader spoke. It could be that since the election has passed,and the Tea Party has put many of its representatives into power, that we may see more of a social conservative bent coming out of these groups.

  3. When this kind of shit goes down, sensible people need to show up in sufficient numbers to talk sense into these nutter people, or at these nutter people anyway. lol.


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