Monday, October 25, 2010

Federal Judge Nixes NOMs plans.

Pretty cool news out of New York...

From the Buffalo News

A federal judge Monday dismissed a lawsuit filed by a national group that opposes gay marriage and wants to sponsor advertisements supporting Republican Carl P. Paladino for governor.
U.S. District Judge Richard J. Arcara said the lawsuit filed by the National Organization for Marriage, which is based in Washington, was premature.
The group, which calls itself NOM in court papers, is involved in legal fights in several states, seeking to ban homosexual marriages.
NOM wants to run an advertising campaign in favor of Paladino, but the group said it does not want to conform to state election laws that would require it to register as a political committee. If it does register as a political committee in New York, the group would have to file financial reports with the state Board of Elections, listing its donors by name.
Last week, NOM asked Arcara to declare a portion of state election law unconstitutional, but the judge refused Monday.
The lawsuit is premature because, so far, NOM has not tried to run any of its ads in New York, and the state has not officially declared NOM to be a political committee, the judge wrote in a nine-page ruling.
There is "no evidence" that NOM ever discussed the situation with Board of Elections officials before filing its lawsuit, Arcara wrote.
The article then goes on to explain how NOM might be able to get around New Yorks Political committee rule, as it is not supporting any particular candidate...a claim which I think is tenuous at best. This lawsuit showed that NOM is not actually wanting to be transparent in regards to anything, and instead would like to participate in an election in which is by no means belongs. This Governors race my friends should be for New Yorkers and by New outside money on either side.
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