Thursday, July 1, 2010

BP Oil Spill and Hurricane Alex - The reason why dirty energy is no different than clean.

Something that I have been thinking about over the past few days as Hurricane Alex made its way through the Gulf of Mexico was the arguments that many make against clean energy. Some claim that we cannot afford to have clean energy, because it is a unstable source of energy. For example, wind will not always blow and the sun will not always shine...fair enough, and this IS a big problem with clean energy that is currently being worked on technologically. Yet, are the same things said about the oil industry in the Gulf of Mexico. Currently, there is debate over the BP oil spill and how the hurricane season will affect clean up in the gulf as stated by the British Paper the Telegraph...

Yet we are looking at this from a silly angle. Yes, the hurricane season will impact the oil clean up efforts, yet what do they do every other hurricane season with the rigs in the Gulf? Cue answer...they evacuate them. Thus stopping the production of oil on the offshore rigs. So therefore is oil production in the gulf any different than wind and solar energy? In my thinking it is not.

Here is a video showing the impact that Hurricanes in the Gulf have on the production and refining of oil...using Hurricane Gustave as the example.

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