Saturday, December 18, 2010

DADT is History!! Final Vote: 65-31

Don't Ask Don't Tell is officially a thing of the past - at least legislatively. In a vote of 65-31, the Senate voted to repeal the law, giving the President and the Joint Chiefs of Staff the ability to implement integration of openly gay servicemen and women into the armed forces. Congrats to all of my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters in the military who are on the way to being able to serve with openness and honesty!!

Now all that is left is for the repeal bill, which has passed the House and the Senate, to be signed into law by the President!!

Vote Breakdown: Eight Republicans voting for repeal were: Murkowski (AK), Brown (MA), Voinovich (OH), Collins and Snowe (ME), Kirk (IL), Ensign (NV), Burr (NC). One Democrat - Manchin (WV) did not vote as he had to attend a holiday function. But he most likely would have not voted for the repeal as he has come out and said that he was against repeal.

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