Wednesday, August 25, 2010

NOM's 2010 Marriage Tour Spin Video

Ahh...well here is National Organization for Marriage's "spin" on its Summer for Marriage Tour. Anyone who has been following the tour knows full well that the distortions and untruths that NOM has leveled against marriage equality activists in this video is highly unfounded. The video has naturally left out signs such as the one to your right (a sign which has become very familiar in the blogosphere...but I thought it deserved to be seen again) as well as the statements of people who were interviewed by the Courage Campaign. I would strongly recommend, if any of my readers have not already, to go to the Courage Campaigns NOM Tour Tracker website.

Oh and also, just because some selected African Americans state that marriage is not a civil right, does not mean that it isnt...but lets not let that put a damper on your bigoted - yes I did say bigoted - anti-equality parade.

1 comment:

  1. What a horrible piece of propaganda and thinly masked hate. I found the clips and music that they used when showing LGBT persons to be in poor taste as well.

    If they are "defending marriage", then who is the enemy?

    I think the answer is obvious.

    Each time I encounter a person defining marriage as a traditional and Biblical institution, I simply ask them which marriage?

    Single marriage, plural marriage, arranged marriage, marriage by rape, marriage by purchase, incestual marriage?

    All of these and more are to be found in the which one is it that they are defending? :)

    To consider that marriage is not a civil right should mean they are willing to give up theirs as well.

    How about we end ALL marriages?

    Annul every single existing marriage and give persons the option to have a civil union, a legal playing field and if they want a "marriage" then they can go to a church and have a ceremony that holds no legal status on the State or Federal level performed.


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