Friday, July 9, 2010

Christian Rights reaction to Presbyterian Church USA

Since I have written over the past few days about the Presbyterian Church USA's decision - not taken force yet, but having passed through committee - to allow non-celibate gay and lesbians in commited relationships to be clergy, I thought it would be appropriate to examine the reactions of the Christian Right on this decision.

Two favorite Culture News blog and Baptist Press had some rather "christian" things to say about the decision.

The Baptist Press had this article...

"Leaders of the PCUSA are still confused about the biblical teaching that channels sexual expression through the marriage of man and woman," Wisdom, IRD vice president for research and programs, said in a news release. The IRD is Washington-based organization that monitors mainline denominations for left-leaning positions and liberal theology.

"But we can take comfort that people in local Presbyterian churches do uphold the [Bible's] teaching," Wisdom said. "It is unfortunate that we will have to summon them again to defend that biblical standard in another set of presbytery votes over the coming year. But defend it they will."
In reality, the Presbyterian Church USA is the one who is upholding the Bibles true teaching, and not some faux teaching developed for the oppression of those who are different from the "normal" people the church is used to dealing with. All that the Presbytery will be defending is bigotry and lack of understanding of the actual issues surrounding sexuality - both homosexual and heterosexual.

Also, From the just news reporting Culture News blog  - - we again see a very negative and loaded title, which clearly shows what the CR thinks of gays and lesbians -

Sexually Deviant Pastors OK in Presbyterian Church

The PCUSA convention voted to accept clergy actively involved in homosexual activity, but the votes were split about defining marriage as "two people."
Once again, I am glad that minorities are labeled as Sexual Deviants - a very negative phraseology that has no grounding in either Scripture or in Science...but hey, it gets readers.

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