Friday, May 21, 2010

Rand Paul....Again

Once more Rand Paul has opened his contradictory mouth. Speaking in an interview about the comments he made on the Civil Rights Act 1964, he claimed that the way Obama is treating BP is Un-American...full article from the associated press can be found here...

Two things. First, in my reading on the subject, Rand Paul is lambasting President Obama because the Administration is actually suggesting that the laws be changed so that BP is liable for ALL the financial damages that their oil well leak has caused. Paul on the other hand claims that this is un-american, and that companies make mistakes and sometimes there are accidents So....The "libertarian" is claiming that the government should not force BP to fully pay for the accident that that company is responsible for and instead he expects the GOVERNMENT to pick up the tab. Can someone say BP government bailout? Is this libertarianism? If it is, I dont know where I have been getting the information about libertarianism that I have been reading from. It is becoming clear, that Paul is not a libertarian at all...though he might like to disguise himself in that guise. He instead seems to be a sort of Conservative Corporatist, the definition of which can be found here...

Second, it is because of this supposed "libertarian" view of no government intervention that we have the mess in the Gulf today. True libertarians do not advocate no government, but instead limited government. In my point of view, it is acceptable for the government to enact "regulations", such as regulations that could have PREVENTED the disaster that we see in the gulf right now, because of the notion of externalities. The main flaw of the free market capitalist system is that it believes we exist in a "bubble". Yet do we? or does our actions naturally have consequences, sometimes negative consequences? Of course the answer is yes!! It is the governments job to eliminate these externalities through such avenues as regulations and taxes. Some libertarians claim that the free market will deal with these issues, because people will not purchase from an unethical company. But as pointed out, the free market fails to take into account the externalities of doing example of which is playing out in the Gulf.

Finally I just wish that Rand Paul would get his ideas in line...either he is a true libertarian or he is a politician pandering to the oft times reactionary and not thought out positions of the tea party. I just wish that he would make up his mind and recognize that we live in something called the real world and not the simple ideological world that exists in his theoretical realm.

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