Thursday, May 13, 2010

An Environmental Atrocity

The events over the past month in the Gulf Coast highlights the dilemma that we as a Nation are facing. Either the United States can continue to support itself on a dirty source of fuel, a fuel that is both running out and has long term environmental impacts, or it can implement policies that encourage the development of renewable energy resources, albeit at higher prices to the consumer.
Two articles recently posted on my facebook highlight the challenges that we face...both the high cost of government subsidies on the oil industry, as well as the opposition to clean energy projects...such as the Wind Farm recently approved in Cape Cod.

- About Oil Industry Subsidies

- Cape Wind Project

Before we can truly move on to a sustainable future...we must have the true costs of energy passed to the consumer. Yes it will mean higher prices and economic loss, but do we care more about the "short term" economic costs or the "long term" environmental and economic costs that exist if we continue with the status quo?

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