Thursday, July 5, 2012

TN Rep. Ragan Feels the Heat

Knoxville Tennessee's paper Knoxnews is reporting that LGBT issues are taking a center place in this years race for Tennessee State House District 33. State Representative John Ragan, a notable enemy and antagonist of the LGBT community, is running against Democrat Jim Hackworth, whom he beat by almost 1,300 votes in the  2010 election. 

Democrats and the Tennessee Equality Project have leveled numerous accusations against Ragan, including:
- He worked to give school bullies a "free pass" by exempting politically or religiously motivated actions from classroom behaviors deemed disruptive.
-  He responded to a constituent's letter by calling sexual orientation "a description of feelings," adding that "feelings do not control the behavior of a mentally healthy adult human being."
-  In the same response, Ragan allegedly compared homosexuals to murderers, prostitutes and pedophiles.
The letter that Knoxnews is referring too, can be found here

Though Representative Ragan's comments are offensive, unfounded, and baseless, it is heartening to see that the Democrats in Tennessee feel comfortable enough to voluntarily bring up this issue. It shows that though there is a long road ahead for that states equality movement, extreme rhetoric and blatant hatred towards our community is no longer a politically safe option for Republicans, and instead will be used against them in legislative races - even in the states of the South. 

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