Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wyndham Hotel Allies With Reparative Therapy Organization

A Wyndham Wordwide subsidiary in Memphis, Tennessee has voluntarily decided to give a discounted "group rate" to an organization which practices a 12-step version of "ex-gay" reparative therapy. 

The Wingate Inn - Wolfchase, has allied with the Bartlett, Tennessee based "ex-gay" organization, Love In Action International, and provided them with a discounted nightly rate for individuals who participate in Love In Action's 4-day Intensive Program. Individuals who book through the Wingate Inn - Wolfchase, using the Love In Action name, are given a nightly rate of $84.99, as opposed to the regular rate of $109.99. This discounted rate is promenantly featured on the Love In Action website and approved by the sales manager of the Wingate Inn - Wolfchase.

Love In Action International is "the oldest established member ministry of Exodus International". They are also "a referral ministry of Focus on the Family and the  American Family Association". Exodus International is known around the world as an organization dedicated to teaching that there is a process that LGBT people can "grow into heterosexuality". The American Family Association has also been labled an anti-gay certified hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Love In Action was founded by a self-proclaimed "former homosexual" Frank Worthen, who claimed that "There is a way out of homosexuality, and his name is Jesus Christ!"

Wyndham Worldwide, in response to questions asking for clarification as to why a Wyndham subsidiary would give Love In Action a discounted rate, responded by skirting the actual question. Instead of addressing why such an organization receives a discounted rate from Wyndham, they responded by explaining that Wyndham Worldwide recognizes that, though they may not agree with the ideology of the organization, organizations like Love In Action have a legal right to exist. 
One of our company's core values is to respect everyone, everywhere. That includes our customers, our franchisees and members of the LGBT community. We strive to think inclusively and we value differences, two of the reasons that we serve as corporate co-founders of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.  
As you may know, many of our branded hotels are franchised, meaning they are independently owned and operated establishments and we do not manage their inventory. Please know that while we do not support the mission of some organizations, we do respect their right to legally organize, provided that it does not interfere with the well-being of our other guests.
Organizations such as Love In Action and Exodus International, have been under media scrutiny as of late. In March, electronics giant Apple Inc. pulled the Exodus International app. from its app. store, igniting a firestorm of controversy between pro-LGBT groups and the Religious Right.

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