Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Focus On.The Families Citizen Link Facing Budget Crisis

In an interesting turn of events, Focus On The Famlies political arm - Citizen Link - has fallen on hard times, reporting a budget shortfall of $2.3 million dollars.

In a message, which pops up for all visitors on the Citizen Link webpage, Executive Director Tom Minnery is requesting donations to help cover the costs of Citizen Link's operations.

CitizenLink's gift income is down dramatically.  In the next 30 days, I need to raise $2.3 million to help close the gap, or our ability to act on your behalf will be severly, and perhaps irreparably, hurt.
That's why I need to hear from you right away.  To give now, just complete the simple giving form below and click "Submit."
We'll put your generosity to work immediately to keep CitizenLink working actively and aggressively on behalf of your family and other families.
Thanks -- and God bless you.
Remember that Tom Minnery is not only the same individual who was called out in a Senate Hearing by Senator Al Franken of  Minnesota for misrepresenting a federal study, but he is also oversees "Family Policy Councils" in 38 states. Just one of these organizations, the Minnesota Family Policy Council, has labeled gay and lesbian people as pedophiles and has asserted that gay people know that they are not "normal".

Citizen Link is also famous for promoting one-sided "analysis" of issues regarding not only LGBT equality, but also abortion regulations, parental choice, and other social conservative causes. I have written about some of their misrepresentations and absurdities on this blog; some of which can be found here, here, and here.

I for one am not surprised that Citizen Link is having financial issues. Whenever an organizations exists that purposefully demonizes and fabricates evidence about a minority, they will lose most of their support and legitimacy. It is one thing for an organization to be anti-marriage equality; but it is another thing for that same organization to assert that our community is inherently disordered.

The fact that Citizen Link is having these financial issues I feel shows that our community is actually reaching the hearts and minds of Americans. Americans no longer view our community as as "immoral" or "evil"; and realize that there is no "homosexual agenda". The Iron Curtain of the Religious Right is finally starting to lift, and we are walking into the freedom and equality that all Americans  deserve.


  1. This is definitely a very exciting time for us all!

  2. Hopefully this is another sign of the turning of the tide in the fight for equality.


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