Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Southern Baptists - Homosexual Orientation Itself Is Sinful.

Traditionally, religious leaders have publicly stated that homosexual action is sinful, but have stopped short of saying that an individual with a homosexual orientation is disordered. But in an article that should surprise no one who follows the Southern Baptist denomination, Albert Mohler now claims that though secular "reparative therapy" may not work, the homosexual orientation is in itself sinful, and only through a full submission to Jesus Christ can an individual realign themselves with their normal God-given heterosexual orientation.  He states, 
The New Testament reveals that a homosexual sexual orientation, whatever its shape or causation, is essentially wrong, contrary to the Creator’s purpose, and deeply sinful. Everyone, whatever his or her sexual orientation, is a sinner in need of redemption. Every sinner who comes by faith to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved knows the need for the redemption of our bodies — including our sexual selves. But those whose sexual orientation is homosexual face the fact that they also need a fundamental reordering of their sexual attractions. About this, the Bible is clear. At this point, once again, the essential contradiction between the Christian worldview and the modern secular worldview is clear. (emphasis added)
      Did you hear that? The President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (one of the largest denominations in the U.S.) just stated that according to the Bible,  the very being of a gay or lesbian individual is abnormal and flawed. It is not only the actions that are sinful and wrong, but it is the people themselves who need a "fundamental reordering of their sexual attractions". We have wanted them to come out and say this for some time now. It never has been about the dangers of gay marriage, but instead, it has always been about the illegitimacy of LGBT individuals.  He then continues further into the article,  
In other words, a biblical Christian will have no fundamental confidence in any secular therapy’s ability to change a sinner’s fundamental disposition and heart, and this includes every aspect of the sinner’s life, including sexuality.
       This passage alone shows that Dr. Mohler does not understand what reparative therapy is to begin with. Why was the practice developed? Most, but not all, reparative therapy organizations are inherently religious in nature - it is not a "secular therapy" as he asserts. Many of the organizations (Exodus, Evergreen, Jonah, etc.) that practice the therapy hold to the position that one can only "change" their orientation if the clients sexuality is given fully to a deity - exactly what Mohler is advocating. Such a "submission" ideology has the exact same negative impacts upon LGBT people as reparative therapy does. As I point out in my experience in this therapy, one can only be told that they are abnormal so much till they internalize it and begin to believe it. 

      Though he couches his words in the "love" language of Christianity - full with references to Jesus, sanctification, all of us are sinners, and obedience - his message is not one of hope, love, or freedom. Instead, his words reaffirm to individuals in his denomination and other like minded religious groups, that it is ok to force individuals into therapy for orientation realignment. For Jesus allows all to come to him for salvation; but only if your straight. I would recommend all to read the article in its entirety, for it is quite disturbing. 

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