Friday, July 1, 2011

Senator Grisanti Shrugs Off NOM's Threats

     New York Republican State Senator Mark Grisanti from Buffalo really doesn't care if the National Organization for Marriage attempts to unseat him as part of their $2-million pledge in New York. As he told YNN news,
"I'm comfortable with my decision and my vote because I think it was a balance, and whatever NOM wants to do, as I said, that's what makes this country great. Go ahead and do what you’ve got to do...It was not going to be a political vote. It was a vote of my conscience and it was a vote basically, definitely of fairness, and a balance that personified what I stated on the floor, that same sex couples should have the same right that I enjoy with my wife that I love...The other side of it is that the religious organizations, the non-profits and the benevolent organizations, they're all protected,”
     Many on the anti-equality side are attempting to paint Senator Grisanti as a flip-flopper; that he betrayed his district and his voters because same-sex marriage was a key issue that he campaigned upon. Though I understand these individuals anger and frustration at not getting what they "asked for", I would not go so far as to say that Senator Grisanti was a "flip-flopper". A flip-flopper is one who changes his mind for political expediency, and by all accounts that was not the case with Senator Grisanti. Though some will question his motives, it seems as though his decision was well researched and thought out - clearly not a flip-flop.

Watch his speech on the floor of the Senate again...and tell me with a straight face that he "flip-flopped".

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