Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Senator Diaz Releases New Radio Invite For Marriage Equality Protest.

Senator Diaz has released an advertisement - sponsored by the National Organization for Marriage - regarding the upcoming "Let The People Vote" rallies to be held on July 24th. Though it is a radio add, NOM has put together a video montage for it as well.

It says, among other things, that "Governor Cuomo and 33 state Senators made a horribly flawed decision affecting millions of New Yorkers". Senator Diaz, if someones marriage is affected by gay and lesbian couples getting married to begin with - it was probably because a person with a homosexual orientation had been lying to their heterosexual spouse; no other affects comes to my mind. .

He continues to say that "they imposed homosexual marriage without giving the people the opportunity to decide". Oh yes, the elected (by the people at that) state Senate "imposed" something upon the electorate. Isn't that technically their job? Don't they "impose" things all the time by passing laws? But still, I don't see how anyone imposed marriage equality on heterosexuals; what are they going to do, rush to get gay married?

Then, with images of light streaming down from heaven, and an American flag in the background, Diaz invites all people to a rally asking for a referendum on the marriage issue. Nice way of melding God and Government Senator.

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