Friday, July 8, 2011

Same-Sex Marriage "Defaces" The Bible - Tears Out Genesis!!!

     I love being on the National Organization for Marriage's email list, because I get a first look at their "updates" regarding marriage equality. In the latest email, they are STILL whining about New York passing marriage equality, saying,
When the Democrats controlled the New York Senate, gay marriage lost in a landslide. After an election, Republicans took control. What did they do with their newfound power? They sold out the party's base, the party's principles, and the timeless institution of marriage.
They imposed gay marriage without a vote of the people!
      Does NOM not understand the one of the basic principles of Representative Government - that the people elect representatives to vote on their behalf? So by all technical standards, the people were able to vote...and they did - through their representatives.
I've got really exciting news to announce to you this week: a new coalition, a new plan, a rebuilt PAC. And here's the most exciting news: a huge multi-city series of rallies and protest marches taking place across the state of New York to win a vote to protect marriage in New York's constitution!
      Yea, and I am sure that these rally's will garner alot of support - just like their last anti-marriage equality tour. Newsflash NOM: Most New Yorkers are actually pro-marriage equality, and those that aren't  really could care less about the issue. Just keep wasting money in a state that you know full well you are not going to win - and let LGBT groups focus their resources on the real battlegrounds of Minnesota, Maine, and Oregon.

Then one of my favorite parts of the email,

A plan is in place to bring down the GOP's commitment to marriage, to create an America in which no party and no politician is willing to stand for the fundamental truth of Genesis that marriage is unique for a reason—that male and female must come together, in love, to make the future happen, and to give that future the love and care of a mother and a father. 

These powerful megamillionaires want to deface the Bible by ripping Genesis out of it, and then to remake an America without a strong foundation of Judeo-Christian values. What kind of conservative movement would we have left if we let that happen?
     Did you hear that, same-sex marriage defaces the Bible by ripping Genesis out of it!! I had no idea that when the state of New York, and other states and nations around the world, allowed same-sex couples to marry, suddenly all of the Bibles in those jurisdictions no longer had Genesis in them! This is something that needs to be investigated!! All joking aside, what "Genesis" do they want to abide by...the one where Issac, Jacob, and Abraham all had multiple wives? Then NOM starts discussing so-called Judeo-Christian values. Ahh yes, considering that the majority of Judaism and large portions of Christianity support marriage equality, we DO need to get back to these Judeo-Christian values.

       When will NOM get over New York? Probably never, because they know that New York was the tipping point in the national debate over marriage equality. New York was the domino that will start the momentum of the pro-equality movement. NOM is scared; and by all looks of it...they should be.

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