Thursday, July 7, 2011

National Marriage Day Rally In Australia

On August 16, only days before it is reported that Members of the Australian Parliament will report on their views about marriage equality, there is to be held in Canberra - in the Great Hall of Parliament House - a "National Marriage Day" rally. This event is sponsored by such "family" associations as the National Marriage Coalition, the Australian Christian Lobby, and the Australian Family Association.

      The end goal of these organizations, as many of you know, is not to protect "marriage" or promote families; instead its aim is to keep loving and committed gay and lesbian couples and their families from governmental protection. On the website of the event, it comically states, 
This is you chance to be a part of democracy in action. Come in bus loads to support natural marriage. 
      Oh yes, "natural marriage", whatever that is. I always find it amusing when "pro-family" groups use that moniker, knowing full well that though it has no historical or biological validity, it sounds quite nice. 

       But, as I said on twitter, it is after all the new "National Marriage Day", and in order to celebrate such a day, maybe the husband and I should fly out to Canberra and proudly wave around our marriage license from the welcoming and inclusive province of British Columbia, Canada...for we ARE married, and we are happy to celebrate that! Hopefully soon, all Australians will be afforded the right that nations all over the world have extended to their gay and lesbian couples, the right of marriage equality. 

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