Wednesday, July 6, 2011

LGBT Students Commit Suicide Because They Know They Are Sinful.

Yesterday, when I wrote about the dangers of gay "choice" theory, I said that the debate over such a theory does not take place in the abstract, but instead is discussed in the real world and has direct consequences. The following video shows just how such a theory impacts those who are some of the most vulnerable -  young adults and teenagers who might be confused about their sexuality.  In the following video, Pastor Damon Thompson asserts that LGBT people commit suicide more often, not because they are bullied, but because they know that being gay is inherently wrong, sinful, and demonic.

Sadly this idea is one that is heavily prevalent in religious circles. My own father, for example, when I told him about the negative effects that Love In Action and reparative therapy had in my own life (depression, anger, contemplation of suicide etc.), told me that those negative effects were actually caused by my "acceptance" of homosexuality and that because I knew that I was living a sinful "lifestyle" that I had all of those problems.

Watch the following video - my heart goes out to any LGBT person in that audience.

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  1. These people create and proliferate a culture that 1) makes LGBT kids feel like they are sub-human and 2) allows their peers to drive them to the brink and then push them over. These social conservatives say that being gay is bad because you're more likely to commit suicide but conveniently omit that they are the ones responsible for them to the edge. So much for loving thy neighbour.



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