Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Judge Issues Temporary Injunction Regarding Civil Unions and Adoption In Illinois

Sangamon County Judge John Schmidt has issued a temporary injunction against the State of Illinois in regards to its move to suspend its adoption and child care contracts with Catholic Charities. Because the Catholic agencies had refused to comply with the states non-discrimination laws regarding marital status and sexual orientation under the new Civil Unions legislation, the state government, under the leadership of Governor Pat Quinn, decided that these charities were to discontinue receiving state funding. Judge Schmidt has "frozen" the states contract with the agencies as of June 30, a move which allows the agencies to continue to provide adoption services in the state.

Equality Illinois has responded to the decision with the following statement, 
“We applaud Governor Quinn for taking such a firm stand in upholding the best interests of a child as the sole standard for adoption and foster care decisions.  Any child welfare agency doing business on behalf of the state must follow that standard in all foster and adoption placements.  If an agency chooses not to comply with state law, then it shouldn’t be awarded public funding.  The children affected by this decision will be better served by other child welfare agencies that comply with the law and have the best interests of the children in mind.” 
Religious organizations, such as Focus On The Family, are applauding the temporary injunction, saying,
"There is no legitimate reason...for the state of Illinois to force faith-based adoption agencies to forfeit their religious beliefs in order to continue providing a valuable public benefit."
“The state appears to be more concerned with advancing a left-wing political agenda than providing for children in desperate need of a family.”
Recall that the state is not forcing the adoption agencies to shut down, or even go against their beliefs. Instead, what the state is arguing, is that if an organization is to receive public funding, it must serve the ENTIRE public, not just individuals which meet its religious criterion.  

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