Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Dangers of Gay "Choice" Theory

A few days ago, I wrote about how evangelical Christianity must accept the concept that homosexuality is not an inborn trait and that it is instead a “choice” that individuals make. I wrote about how, in order to reconcile their doctrines of the uniform nature of the saving power of Jesus Christ, as well as Paul’s assertion in 1 Corinthians that homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God, they must reject all of the scientific and psychological evidence to the contrary and instead advocate for such things as reparative “change” therapy.

     Though we can debate all day about the religious reasons for accepting choice theory, it must be remembered that this debate does not take place in a vacuum. This debate does not only take place in the classrooms of universities, the airwaves of radio, or the halls of legislative buildings. Instead, it takes place in the “real world” - in homes, churches, synagogues, restaurants, schools, and daycares all around the world, having direct impact on real individuals – children and adults alike.

     To those who the proponents of "choice" theory deem as “struggling with same sex attraction”, the whole concept leads to confusion and despair.  Most of the LGBT people who are trapped in such an atmosphere constantly hear messages that they are inferior based upon their very nature, that in order to gain God’s approval they must change something so fundamental and personal.  All around them are individuals claiming that they chose to feel this way, yet they cannot remember making such a choice.  Think about that for one second.  Imagine that someone told you that you were "less than" because of a choice that you have no recollection making; that you were less deserving of love because of that choice, and that the only way that you could find happiness was to change.  What would you be thinking? How would that impact your self-image and self-worth? Would you be able to lead a healthy and productive life constantly being told that something was inherently wrong with you? No you would not.

      Choice theory, not only leading to psychological and emotional harm to those who think there is something wrong with them, leads directly to such things as reparative therapy; a therapy that I underwent myself, a story which you can read here. If homosexuality is a “choice”, then you can choose to get out of it through changing whatever it was that made you choose to be gay – whether it be lack of male role models and friends, and over-domineering mother, or a narcissistic obsession with yourself.  Change therapies directly come out of the idea that homosexuality is abnormal and that there is something wrong with those who are LGBT.  If there was nothing wrong with LGBT people, and sexual orientation was an inborn trait, there would be no need for such “therapy”.

      In the end, “Choice” theory not only has detrimental psychological affects to those who are taught it, but it also leads to change therapies like reparative therapy, which have been deemed by every major medical and psychological organization as psychologically and emotionally harmful, and which have led to countless suicides and devastated lives. These are the fruits of “choice” theory, and are just one of the many reasons why it MUST be rejected. 

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