Friday, July 8, 2011

Bachmann Signs Anti-Gay "Family Pledge"

Known anti-gay crusader Michele Bachmann has become the first of the Republican presidential candidates to sign the Iowa based Family Leader's "The Marriage Vow" pledge. Though the pledge does have some good sections to it - such as decrying human trafficking and advocating personal fidelity to a candidates spouse - it is mostly a vile document that goes quite far in its condemnation of LGBT people and their relationships.

     Fidelity to the document, which can be found here, is required by The Family Leader - Iowa's preeminent social conservative organization - to gain its endorsement. The document reads like an anti-gay tirade, with sections which include statements that give validity to the "choice" theory regarding sexual orientation (a theory with known negative repercussions and which gives validity to such things as reparative "change" therapy), sections which assert that gays and lesbians live less productive and health lives than their heterosexual counterparts (claiming that gay men live 20 years less than their heterosexual counterparts), and sections which decry all recognition of same-sex unions - claiming that they are inferior to heterosexual ones in regards to child rearing and child development. 

     Not only does it paint homosexuals as inferior in their very being to heterosexuals, the document also advocates for such "limited government" positions as the Defense of DOMA and constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. As usual, social conservatives do not care whether or not government is intrusive; intrusive government is only bad when it does not line up with the social conservative viewpoint, otherwise it is a good thing! 

      Is it unsurprising that Bachmann, a far-right candidate with known anti-gay views, was the first one to jump on the bandwagon of The Family Leader? Is it not telling of this organization, that they will advocate for these derogatory views, willingly spouting lies against the LGBT community no matter the scientific, constitutional, of philosophical evidence to the contrary. Thankfully, candidates such as Jon Huntsman have rejected this "pledge"; let just hope that more will follow his lead and not Mrs. Bachmanns.

Update - Rick Santorum has also signed the pledge Politico reports.

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