Sunday, July 24, 2011

As Westboro Protests - Same-Sex Couples Are Resilient

About a dozen protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas gathered outside of Manhattan Clerks office this morning to protest the legalization of marriage equality in New York State. Carrying signs ranging from statements such as "F-gs can't get married" to their most well known sign "God hates F-gs", the protesters were only met with joy from the dozens of couples waiting to tie the knot in front of the clerks office. DNAinfo news reporter Nicole Bode interviewed one of the couples in line, 
"We can thank them for attending our wedding," said Kawane Harris, who was standing in line to get married alongside her bride, Jeanette Coleman. 
"Yes, those are the only words I have for them," Coleman added. "Protesters are present at occasions that matter. So the more, the merrier. You can't ruin my day today. What they're doing is not stopping what's happening here."
Westboros' Protests are not the only ones slated for today. The National Organization For Marriage, along with Senator Ruben Diaz (D-Bronx), have organized rally's across the state with the theme "Let The People Vote". In an interview with Christian Post, NOM president Brian Brown expects there to be over 5,000 people at the rallies today, 
“It’s hard to tell but the response has been amazing,” said Brown, “I think they’ll be 5,000 or possibly more at all of the rallies.”
Senator Diaz, a Pentecostal minister, in a statement issued on Tuesday, put a religious spin on the protests, 
 “Having had this bad law passed, we should not retreat in fear the way the Apostles did in the days after the crucifixion and before the resurrected Christ came to reveal himself. Instead, we need to maintain the same drive that the Apostles had after the resurrected Lord filled them with the Spirit,” 
Counter protests are being planned by LGBT groups across the state of New York in anticipation of these rallies, with one protest's (Manhattan) facebook page saying, 
The National Organization for Marriage, an anti-LGBT hate group, is organising a rally outside Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Manhattan office on Sunday, to protest the first day that same-sex couples can legally marry each other in New York state. We need to present our side of marriage equality to the public and press, who will be there to witness NOM's hate rally. Join us in denouncing NOM.

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  1. I just love a wedding.. Nothing can stop the joy of these couples from uniting. You can not rain on the parade of love. Stand tall NY, Stand tall and be counted.


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