Friday, June 24, 2011

Religious Groups Cry Victim On Marriage Equality - Again

     I always find it amusing that whenever the LGBT community is on the cusp of a major victory, religious organizations and groups always claim that they are being harassed and vilified by the LGBT community. Today, both Focus On The Families "Citizen Link" and the National Organization for Marriage, are using this familiar line. As posted on the Citizen Link site,
On the eve of a contentious same-sex marriage vote in the New York state Senate, the online world has turned into a virtual battlefield. Archbishop Timothy Dolan and state Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos are just two of the high-profile marriage defenders who have had to block comments on their website, and Facebook and Twitter accounts.
     Am I going to defend the comments made on these sites? Not at all...for I think that when our community lashes out at "traditional marriage defenders" in hate, that it is a bad thing. But, what Focus and NOM don't tell you is that this is a minority of individuals. This is not what the LGBT movement is about, nor is it the official policy of the organizations that represent our interests to act in such a hateful manner. It is a small number of individuals taking their own time to exercise their own hatred and animosity towards people like Timothy Dolan and Senator Skelos.

     But there is a fundamental difference between the two sides. Because though the "hate" that comes from individuals in the marriage equality camp is wrong, it is much different than the institutionalized "hate" coming from groups such as Focus On The Family, Family Research Council, American Family Association, National Organization for Marriage etc. These are groups that represent the very movement that is "defending traditional marriage". These groups constantly use unscientific data, false information, and inflammatory comments to demean and slander our community.

      That is why my friends, we have the higher ground. For though there may be some within our ranks that are angry, bitter, and use hateful words...the vast majority of us just want to be able to live our lives without being told that we are inferior. Their hate, on the other hand, flows from the very top of their movement, and thus permeates the entire discussion.

     Moral of the story...keep the discussion classy, and win the discussion with logic and reason. We have that on our side!

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