Saturday, June 25, 2011

Now That We Have Marriage Equality In New York

     We now have marriage equality in New York; and we all deserve a pat on our backs for making this happen. From our calling state senators to aggressive letter writing campaigns, the unity that I saw over the past few weeks in New York - between the LGBT community and straight allies, between Democrats and Republicans, and between people of every creed and color - was astounding. And that type of unity is what allowed us to gain the victory that we did. As the New York Times said today, it was because we were all "on the same page" for marriage equality, that it actually happened.

      But though this unity is there, to often the activism and excitement that is unleashed by such an event as yesterdays dies off, as people return to their day to day activities. Yet all across this nation (and the world), issues of discrimination against LGBT people still remain. From Tennessee's HB600 to the successful drive to strip domestic partnership benefits in El Paso, there are hundreds of ways that LGBT people encounter entrenched social and legal discrimination on a daily basis. State organizations are fighting the good fight against what may seem an uphill battle, and we must stand behind them! We must use the unity and excitement that we have received from the New York victory as a drive to topple all of the other dominoes of discrimination. We must use the lessons from New York - about focus and working together - as models for other States.

      So this is my call to you - don't be content with your current the voice of change in your community; and take the lessons of New York to the rest of the world.

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