Saturday, June 25, 2011

NOM Pledges To Defeat New York Republicans Who Voted For Marriage Equality

     The National Organization for Marriage, after receiving a stinging defeat in New York yesterday with the passage of marriage equality 33-29 in the Senate, has vowed to commit 2 million dollars to oust the traitorous Republicans who voted for the bill:. Jim Alesi, Mark Grisanti, Steven Saland, and Roy McDonald.

In a press release from their website they state,
“The Republican party has torn up its contract with the voters who trusted them in order to facilitate Andrew Cuomo’s bid to be president of the U.S. Selling out your principles to get elected is wrong. Selling out your principles to get the other guy elected is just plain dumb.
Gay marriage has consequences for the next generation, for parents, and for religious people, institutions and small business owners. Politicians who campaign one way on marriage, and then vote the other, need to understand: betraying and misleading voters has consequences, too. We are not giving up, we will continue to fight to protect marriage in New York, as we are actively doing in New Hampshire and Iowa.”
     First off, more power too them...waste your money in New York - a State which has no chance of repealing the marriage equality law. It comes with the added benefit of siphoning money away from Minnesota, which will be having a ballot referendum on marriage equality in 2012. Secondly, just so that these four brave Republicans know that the LGBT community does not take their support lightly, I urge all of us to contribute - whether it be financially or physically - to their reelection campaigns. As I said yesterday, these four brave men have stuck their necks out for us and have incurred the wrath of their base; they deserve our support.

     The second paragraph really gets me though; for Senators such as Mark Grisanti of Erie/Niagara/Buffalo, addressed this issue of "betraying voters". I would all encourage you to watch his floor speech, for he shows the heart of a true statesman.

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