Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New York State Assembly Passes Gay Marriage Bill - Now Contact Majority Leader Skelos!

      In a vote of 80-63, with American Flags and LGBT Flags proudly shown on legislators desks, the New York State Assembly has passed the marriage equality bill submitted by Governor Cuomo. There was some amazing speeches given during the debate today, and some profound words spoken by supporters of the legislation.

For example -

Assemblyman Chuck Levine stated that only "second class states have second class citizens".

Assemblywoman Glick states that "You do not put your hand upon the Constitution and swear to uphold the Bible".

Openly Gay Assemblyman Bronston stated that "the burden of being gay is only made heavier by the lack of marriage equality."

And these were just a few of the statements!! A full list of the bipartisan supporters of the legislation  will be provided as soon as available.

Now the legislation only needs to be passed by the Senate, but there is concern that this will not happen, as the Republican caucus might not even bring the issue up for a vote by the body. With this in mind, I urge all of my readers to go to Majority Leader Dean Skelos Facebook page and urge him to bring the legislation to a vote!!

You can also phone his Albany office at - (518) 455-3171

Or Email -

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