Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More Citizen Link Fear-mongering About Marriage Equality In New York: Christians Will Be Persecuted

      Watch the below video that Citizen Link - the political arm of Focus On The Family - has put out about the marriage equality bill in New York. First they praise David Tyree, because of his absurd claim that by somehow allowing same-sex couples to marry Christians wont be able to be free to practice their religion. Then they praise Archbishop Timothy Dolan of "New York is becoming like China and North Korea" fame. He states, and the "reporters" swoon over the fact that they think that marriage is not supposed to be about financial benefits etc. but is instead about family structures and children. Maybe in their religious view it is, but civil marriage is ONLY about financial benefits and social acceptance.

       Then they say that marriage is what it is (one man, one woman), because "it is what it is". No logical fallacies there. They then state that God's definition is going to stand no matter what society says, so even if the State validates same-sex marriages, they really wouldn't be marriages. Ok, you can have that sentiment, but my God states that marriage can be between same-sex couples, so why is your view better? Plus, this is a civil issue, not a religious one, and that line may work on your listeners, but they don't work in the real world.

      Then they continue with the whole "Christians are being persecuted, waahh waaahh waahh" in regards to the whole religious exemption issue. Once again the misrepresent the facts and issues to suit their purpose, bringing up the issue of adoption agencies having to shut down, and hospitals being forced to acknowledge same-sex partners, issues that have been debunked numerous times, both on this blog and others.

       What gets me though, is that they leave us with the feeling that they don't want any recognition for same-sex couples, in any way shape or form, because their current - in my opinion, too broad - religious protections will be threatened. Though they didn't say this, they would rather a same-sex couple be separated in the hospital, because that hospital doesn't like gay people etc. Remember this...the debate currently taking place in society is not over marriage equality, but it is over the validity of our relationships and our families.

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