Monday, June 27, 2011

I Received My First "Hate Mail"

      Though its not really "hate mail" in the normal usage of the word, I received the following email from Sharon Kass - a well known anti-gay activist who, it seems, sends out emails to those advocating against "reparative therapy". She wrote,
There's a lot about ex-gay therapy you seem not to know.
Please see below.
The truth will out.  Really.
Thank you.
--Sharon Kass
Washington, D.C.
Then she gave me an article about the "real" causes of homosexuality...aka. that I had an emotionally distant father. Dr. Joseph Nicolosi of NARTH was mentioned numerous times in the article. I responded ,
Dear Ms. Kass, 

Thank you so much for your note. As one who has gone through "reparative therapy" I am well aware of this supposed cause of homosexuality. Though such science may be pandered by such figures as Dr. Nicolosi - who is mentioned in your article - most major medical and scientific organizations around the world have summarily rejected such a "cause" for homosexuality. 

As one who went through reparative therapy myself, and learned about all of these "causes", I can assure you that the practice is not a legitimate form of therapy, and actually leads to more psychological and emotional harm than any supposed benefits.  If you truly care about LGBT people, I would encourage you to stop supporting this known junk science. 

Thank you,

Kyle Luebke

I wonder how she will respond!!


  1. I bet she won't even read your response.

  2. What is funny is that when she replied she had nothing to say...all she said was "The misconception is yours" made me laugh :)

  3. Wasn't that theory debunked decades ago? Seriously, lots of gay guys had perfectly fine fathers in the picture. I'm preaching to the choir.



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