Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gays Have No Concept Of Fidelity - Bryan Fischer

I always find it amusing when Right Wing commentators from organizations like the AFA, FRC, and FOTF make blanket statements about the LGBT community. In this particular case, Bryan Fisher of the American Family Association, claims that same-sex couples are not monogamous - at all.

I just want to say to Fisher, have you actually met any gay and lesbian couples? There are thousands upon thousands of couples that view sexual monogamy and fidelity (my husband and myself included) as an integral part of our relationship. To insist that we do not exist, when in fact I am pretty sure I do, screams ignorance.

Sadly, this type of thinking is not relegated to folks like Bryan Fischer, but is espoused by many on the Right. They use this supposed infidelity that exists between gay and lesbian couples as a reason to deny us marriage equality - because they insist that we have no idea what marriage is truly about.

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  1. So having sex with a person who has had sex with five people is like having sex with six people. Ewww!


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