Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Citizen Link Cries "Victim" Regarding New York Marriage Equality - Again

     Focus On The Families "Citizen Link" has once again cried foul regarding the passage of New York's marriage equality bill. Now that the bill passed the New York legislature - much to the bemoaning of this group - they are attempting to assert that the individual liberties of Christians are going to be threatened by an overreaching State.

     They first go through the religious exemptions to the bill, outlining which organizations would be covered - such as the Knights of Columbus. Then they start discussing the implications of the bill on Christian individuals within New York who might have issue with same-sex marriages.

       First, They claim that religious individuals who own their own business, say a wedding photography studio, and refuse to serve a same-sex wedding, will be sued for discrimination. This my friends, is a red herring. Under New York's anti-discrimination laws, organizations and individual businesses cannot discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. So even before the bill passed, if a same-sex couple had wanted to have a commitment ceremony, a wedding photographer could not have turned them away. Legalization of marriage equality has no impact on this law whatsoever.

     Second, they then discuss the issue of schoolchildren being taught that homosexuality is normal and same-sex marriages are normal marriages. I discussed this objections quite extensively about a week ago, so if you would like to read my discussion on this issue, it can be found here.

     It seems as though Citizen Link believes that "Christians" should be a class above all; and that no matter the ramifications of an individuals actions upon the rest of society, as long as that person is doing it for religious reasons, it should be permitted. This my friends, has always been the mentality of organizations like Focus On The Family, and it should be a mentality that we strive to fight against.

H/T to Truth Wins Out for the video.

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