Sunday, June 26, 2011

Buffalo Religious Groups "React" To New Marriage Equality Law

Here is a clip which aired last night on Buffalo's WIBV about the religious reaction to New York's new same-sex marriage law. I for one am both frustrated and confused as to why this segment even happened.

I'm frustrated, because why were there no denominations/religions interviewed - such as Unitarianism or Judaism - which are strongly supportive of the same-sex marriage. Instead of welcoming and affirming denominations, we saw the lukewarm response of the Episcopal Church and the antagonistic response of the Catholic Conference.

And I'm confused, because why are news outlets even giving these groups - both for and against - a platform to discuss the new law? The law specifically exempts religious organizations and denominations from performing, recognizing, or even wanting to look at such relationships. These religious groups should now - since they are not affected - stop complaining about it, and get to working on other issues that better deserve their time and attention.

What do you all think? Should religious organizations be interviewed by news outlets in regards to the new law, or should they worry about other, more important things?

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