Saturday, May 14, 2011

Redefining Gravity = Redefining Marriage

The brilliant people at Focus on the Family have put out once again an intellectual piece dealing with marriage equality, and the supposed effects that it would have. But, instead of directly discussing marriage equality, they have come up with a brilliant analogy - redefining gravity. Doesn't matter that gravity is a natural law governed by science and that marriage is a human construction, or that gay people actually do exist in the world and that reverse gravity does not. Nope...these facts are just a little too inconvenient to these people; or as we all know, they take the Bible as equal and even superior to science, so who cares what science says.

Watch as Stuart Shepard enlightens us about the effects of "redefining gravity".

H/T to Joe.My.God


  1. "If you had a big family celebration and I said look around and tell me which ones aren't married, would you need me to specify that I was talking about people for you to for you to stop listing items of furniture and family pets? Those who can't approach discussion with a basic level of intelligence and maturity shouldn't expect to be taken seriously" -QualiaSoup

  2. Funny thing is that marriage has existed before Judaism, let alone Christianity. Your religion redefined marriage at some point. It's not even the same as Old Testament marriage, where polygyny was an option.


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