Saturday, May 21, 2011

Minnesota House Approves Marriage Amendment - Our Community Again To Be Scrutinized

     It is way to late to be posting anything, but I am just finishing up a long night of watching the debate in the Minnesota House of Representatives over the gay marriage amendment. Those who may not know, the Minnesota House passed it 70-62, with all but two DFL members voting against the amendment, and four brave Republicans voting against it as well.

     In the hours that the bill was being debated, I could count on one hand the number of Republicans that spoke. The silence from their side was astounding; you could tell they just wanted to get the vote over and done with quietly. They didn't want to hear the reality that the DFL members were stating; that it was not only about letting other people vote on another persons ability to get civilly married, but that having this discussion in the public sphere will cause the worst to come out of people. We will surly see our friends at the National Organization for Marriage air adds attacking gays and lesbian families and appealing to the base emotions of Minnesota citizens. This will not only cause division in the community - as the DFL members accurately pointed out - but it will also have long term effects on the LGBT community, who will once again be coming under societies scrutiny and be subject to ridicule and hatred.

     I am confident that the people of Minnesota will vote this amendment down, and will make it known that they approve of all types of families; but the harm that will come to our community from this discussion will be hard to overcome. Good luck to all of my fellow fighters in Minnesota, you have your work cut out for you. Stand firm in the truth, and we will defeat this attack on our families.

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