Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Christian Victimhood" And The Benefit It Brings

    We are at war!! Well, that is,  if you listen to the New York Family Research Council - an ultra conservative evangelical Christian organization whose mission is  "to motivate the Church to live up to its calling as salt and light (Matt. 5:13-16) and be the voice that declares “Thus saith the Lord” concerning the vital moral issues of our day." As OnTopMag reported, this organization has released a minute or so long radio advertisement (below) dedicated to telling people - using the imagery of war - that marriage is under attack and must be defended. 

     This advertisement, my friends, is very underhanded in its approach. For it reinforces, without deliberately saying so, a concept that I like to call "Christian victimhood". With this view, Christians are the ones who are being attacked and who are on the defensive.  They did nothing to deserve this war, and have only been defending the castle of religion against the persistent onslaught of secularism and values that are opposed to Biblical ones.

    The concept of Christian victimhood works well within the confines of the Religious Right and their loyal "sheep-like" followers, but it is increasingly having little impact on the real world. And this is cause for the LGBT community to have hope. It is becoming apparent that it is actually the Religious Right that has declared war upon the LGBT community for all we want is to live in peace and be treated like everyone else, while they are attempting to force us to live a certain way.  Because the rest of the world is waking up to this persecution, we are starting to see more and more organizations and religious bodies - like the PCUSA - are moving towards an acceptance of all human beings. 

    The Religious Right will complain that there is an anti-Christian bias in government and society, like they always do when things don't go their way, but it will start to fall on deaf ears.  As the LGBT movement continues to grow strong, as more people come out of the closet, and as more and more states give equal rights to all of its citizens, the Religious Right will become nothing more than a fringe movement like other social conservative movements before it. And that should give us hope and joy for our future. 

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  1. It just keeps getting more strange...doesn't it? Where do you find this stuff? :)



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