Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Are Christians Being Persecuted by Gays?

    The New American has published an article erroneously claiming that Christian Colleges are facing the onslaught of the "homosexual activists" who are being aggressive in their drive to force these Colleges to accept homosexuality as normal. And there are real casualties, as men and women are being swayed by the pro-homosexual crowd in their interpretation of Scripture. The entire article can be read here, but basically the above sentences sum it up well.

    The article gives examples of how Wheaton College and Belmont University have caved to the homosexual activists in their drive to normalize our orientation. But in reading the article, and the examples that I saw used, I found no intimidation at all. In fact, what I saw was a desire for dialog on the issue by the LGBT community with these Universities. With Wheaton and Belmont agreeing to have this dialog and other Universities such as Baylor and North Central refusing to have it. It seems that to the New American - and those who have been tweeting, facebooking, and blogging about this article - that dialog now counts as persecution, and that in order for Christians to not be persecuted, they must stifle any differing interpretation of Scripture.

     The merits of the interpretations are not important in this debate, for good people are on different sides. Instead, the real issue is whether or not Christians are being persecuted by gay activists. Is persecution me being able to offer a differing view of the world? Is persecution me being able to form a group on campus that advocates for that position? I think not. Are Christians views even being silenced in this debate? Not at all...for dialog does not encourage silence. I would actually say that at Baylor and North Central, Christians are the ones being intolerant and whom are persecuting LGBT people and their ideas. They are not giving them a forum to have a differing interpretation of scripture or have a discussion on the merits of that interpretation and instead are expecting them to listen to the top-down authority of their leaders.

     Christians are not being persecuted, or even pressured to "accept" that LGBT people are not living sinful lives. Instead, all LGBT activists want on these campuses is a discussion and a debate over the validity of "traditional' interpretation and the place of LGBT people in religion. To claim otherwise is both erroneous, and shows how much people will twist the truth to claim that they are victims.

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