Thursday, April 14, 2011

Delaware Passes Civil Unions!!

This just in...the Delaware House of Representatives - in a vote of 26-15 -  has just passed a bill granting civil unions to gay and lesbian couples in the State. The bill was known as the Delaware Civil Unions and Equality Act of 2011 and was sponsored by Senator David Sokola and Representative Melanie George.

The bill gives gay and lesbian couples in Delaware all of the same rights and responsibilities as marriage and all couples who move to Delaware who are in a same-sex union  - whether that be marriage, domestic partnership, civil union etc. - will be treated as having a civil union. This bill also makes civil unions available only to gay and lesbian couples.

The Delaware Senate passed the bill last week in a vote of 13-6, and with its recent passage in the House of Representatives, it now goes to the desk of Governor Jack Markell who has vowed to sign it into law.

All I can say is, congrats Delaware!! Though it is not full marriage equality, we are seeing the dominoes of opposition slowly crumbling when it comes to LGBT rights.

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