Saturday, February 12, 2011

Vice President of Human Resources at Tommy Nelson Supports Nashville Non-Discrimination Ordinance

      Jim Thomason, The Vice President of Human Resources at Tommy Nelson Publishers - one of the big name publishers of Christian material - wrote on his blog today that the time has come for the proposed Metro-Nashville Contract Accountability Non-Discrimination Ordinance to be passed into law. For those who do not know about this proposed ordinance, it will require all companies that do business with the City of Nashville to have sexual orientation and gender identity protections in company policy - so that no-one can be fired because they are not straight etc.

       Though the entire post is excellent, I would turn our attention to the following paragraphs,
Its time for this measure to pass. Discrimination is good and necessary so long as its based upon performance and behavior. You should, as an employer, pay more, give more, and advance people who perform in favor of those who don't. The word "discriminate" has a negative connotation based upon its use in the civil rights struggle, but leaders must do it every day to lead an organization. It is discrimination using factors other than performance and behavior that run counter to both Christian and American values.

 But that lifestyle is not Christian," you say? Well I'll leave that theological debate to others. Almost all Christian companies employ non-Christians whether we know it or not. Chances are some of the Christians that those companies employ engage in immoral behavior at times without losing their jobs. Our goal each day should be a workplace where performance, behavior and adherence to our core values in the workplace are all that matters. Banning discrimination against gays and lesbians in all workplaces would be a huge step in that direction.
       I am thankful that people within these large Christian organizations are slowly starting to recognize that it is detrimental, as well as hypocritical, for their companies to willfully discriminate against gays and lesbians in the workplace. Regardless of all the fear-mongering that is both preached in the pulpit on Sunday and presented before government members - full justice and fairness dictate that you should not be fired for something that is not non-job related. Instead, whether you are fired or not should be based upon how you perform your functions at your job. Though I am grateful for Mr. Thomason's blog post, it is still sad that in this day and age this thinking is not more widely accepted.

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