Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tennessee Tea Party Group Opposed to Anti-Discrimination Law

      Though we could have seen this coming (what with the whole Rand Paul and the Civil Rights Act issue from last year) it is still quite surprising. In Tennessee, the council of Metro Nashville is introducing an ordinance that would prohibit the city from doing businesses with companies who do not have sexual orientation listed within their non-discrimination codes. As can be expected, there has been great uproar from the Religious Right over this proposed ordinance.. But now we have leaders of the Tennessee Tea Party coming on board in being against the non-discrimination policy. They claim that

"This is simply big government politicians and social scientists imposing oppressive regulations on business owners that will only open the door to harassment lawsuits,” the email goes on to say. “Nobody in these issues wins except for the trial lawyers. The costs of all this mess is then passed on to us as consumers and taxpayers.”
      A great comeback to this was offered by Council member Mike Jameson, who stated that,

"There’s a statement that it imposes ‘oppressive regulations’ when all [the ordinance] does is add four words to a requirement we’ve upheld for decades,” Jameson said. “And by alleging that nobody in these issues wins except for trial lawyers, it perpetuates the false impression that litigation results from these ordinances. And as best as we can tell from other cities that have already adopted it, it flat out doesn’t."
      Interesting thing to note. For those that still do not believe in the Tea Parties social conservative bent, it is quite convenient that the leadership of the Tennessee Tea Party was made aware of the ordinance by the Family Action Council of Tennessee  - a social-conservative Christian group whose expressed goal is protecting "traditional values". Here is their list of "reasons" why the legislation should not be enacted.

        As I have said before, I firmly believe that as the Tea Party gets what they want fiscally, the movement will start to descend into social-conservatism. It is a brilliant strategy, to hide what you really think behind the veil of something that will attract independents and moderates. But as time goes on, it is a strategy that is going to be less and less effective.

The full article quoted above can be found here.

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