Thursday, February 3, 2011

Is the Gay Left Turning Into The Religious Right?

         So, yesterday I  had my first confrontation with the ideology of the Gay Left. Though the term “Gay Left” may seem like a generalization, anyone who has studied gay culture and followed both LGBT issues/gender theory knows that there are established “ideas” that a gay person must ascribe to, and if they do not, then there is question about their loyalty to “The Cause”. My argument yesterday has caused me to do some serious thinking about the concept of identity politics and how fast LGBT people judge others when they do not agree with them. For the former, I will be starting a series of posts on the idea of identity politics sometime next week, but today I would like to address the idea of gay bigotry and hatred.
     Though I know that my feeling on this issue do not make me popular, I have constantly written on this blog about how I feel that many LGBT people are caught in a cycle of victimhood . Please realize that there is a distinction that does need to be made here. I am not saying that LGBT people are not victimized , for evidence shows this. What I mean by this cycle of victimhood is this idea that their very identity is as a victim. For example, if you disagree with them on something regarding sexuality, they view it as an attack on them as a person.
      That is what happened yesterday. In my discussion, I was attacking a “pillar” concept within gay theory/culture. Thus, when I was disputing this concept, it seemed as though I was attacking their very being. Therefore, instead of analyzing what I was saying, they twisted it (straw man argument), attacked the twisted and weaker argument and in the end called me a bigot because I did not agree with them.
      Funny thing is, the way this conversation started was with me arguing against the concept of heteronormativity. For those who do not know what heteronormativity is, it is the idea that LGBT people are purposefully excluded from the culture because of our sexual orientation/gender identity, thus making us under constant oppression.  I, on the other hand, claimed that it was not an acceptable term to use because it reinforces a sort of permanent “victim status” for gays. That instead of dealing with actual victimizations – and overcoming said victimizations - we are using the concept of heteronormativity to instead live as victims.
      Their reaction and the hatred and anger directed at me, gives credence to my original assertion – that this term heteronormativity has transformed us into permanent victims. If anyone disagrees with us about sexuality, they are attacking our very being. Instead of looking at my argument on face value, they rejected it outright because it does not fit the “gay norm”, construed it instead as an attack on them as a person, and ultimately called me bigoted because I disagreed with them.
       My response is this: Just because someone does not agree with you should not automatically make them the subject of your vitriol. That gets you nowhere.  Instead of evaluating my argument for what it was, these individuals have internalized my opposition and have construed it to meaning that I am anti-LGBT (which any reader of this blog would know that I am not). I thought, and still think, that I have a very valid point that should be discussed. But instead of discussing the argument – because it did not fit in the common “gay norm” (thus it should be outright rejected) – they are showing just how closed minded they truly are.  In a few posts next week I will analyze this concept further; and show how though we might not like to think so, the Gay Left is very similar in its thinking as the Religious Right.  


  1. Fantastic bit of thinking there, mate! I look forward to reading more of your thoughts on this. :)

  2. Heteronormativity does an incredible amount of damage to gay people, especially kids who aren't out yet and have to deal with throwing off preconceived notions of who they are. This is a fairly obvious and I would hope uncontroversial point. The fact that you don't see it does not necessarily make me think you are worth hating but it does make me think that you are a moron.


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