Sunday, February 13, 2011

Contact Rhode Island House Members to Support Marriage Equality!

     I was just informed of this from Marriage Equality Rhode Island, but a gentleman on Facebook compiled this list of all Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee Members... As he said, it is key that we - no matter what part of the country we are from - call these people!! The opposition is lobbying hard for their side - even though they know that a majority of Rhode Islanders support marriage equality.

Here is the list compiled by Trevor...
Rep. Michael Chippendale 401-497-4495
Rep. Michael Marcello 401-647-5905
Rep. Peter Martin 401-924-2402
Rep. John DeSimone 401-454-1400
Rep. Donald Lally 401-792-9090
Rep. Richard Morrison 401-222-2258
Rep. Patrick O’Neill 401-475-0265
Rep. Michael Tarro 401-272-8300
Rep. Robert Flaherty 401-781-7200
Rep. Jon Brien 401-766-9887
Rep. Doreen Costa 401-206-6891
Rep. Edie Ajello 401-274-7078
Rep. Blazejewski 401-484-8814
Speaker of the House Gordon Fox 401-222-2466
Majority Leader Nicholas Mattiello 401-222-2466

Now that you've done that (I hope) would you like to call the senate committee? Tell them YES on S0029 (Marriage Equality bill) and tell them NO on S0115 (DOMA bill)

Sen. Maryellen Goodwin 401-222-6655
Sen. Dawson Hodgson 401-203-3256
Sen. Paul Jabour 401-276-5594
Sen. Erin lynch 401-276-5594
Sen. Michael McCaffrey 401-739-7576
Sen. Harold Metts 401-272-0112
Sen. Donna Nesselbush 401-728-3244
Sen. Rhoda Perry 401-276-5567
Sen. Glenford Shibley 401-222-2708
Sen. William Walaska 401-737-1065
Senate President Teresa Paiva-Weed 401-222-6655
Majority Leader Dominick Ruggerio 401-222-3310

So Get to Calling!!

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