Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chuck Colson Just Hates That Gays are Boycotting Chick-Fil-A - It Must be Censorship

    So in yesterdays edition of Breakpoint, Chuck Colson (the main proponent of the Manhattan Declaration, and a "born again Christian") once again has started to classify Christians as victims of the evil homosexual activist lobby. He states,

Is this an example of the more respectful civil discourse we are all supposed to adopt? Unfortunately, homosexual activists are attempting to punish someone who holds an opinion different than their own. This kind of attack against a company whose officer’s are prominent Christians undermines the freedoms we all enjoy.
Yet two can play at this ugly game. Just for example, the Human Rights Campaign, which works for marriage rights for homosexuals, bisexuals, and the “transgendered community,” lists a large number of corporate sponsors, many of which are household names. Here are a few: Starbucks, Microsoft, Nike, Google, Dell, American Airlines, and a whole lot more. Imagine what would happen if Christians, who have at least ten times the numbers of the homosexual community, were to start boycottingthem?
Is it the American way to muzzle every group that supports something with which we disagree? That’s what happened, incidentally, with our Manhattan Declaration, which stands for traditional marriage. Gay-rights activists apparently convinced Apple to remove our app from its iTunes store.
I, for one, support the expansion of freedom, not its suppression. We must protect free discourse for all—even Christians! As the historian Henry Steele Commager said, “Censorship always defeats its own purpose, for it creates, in the end, the kind of society that is incapable of exercising real discretion.”
       I for one, don't see how anyone is suppressing freedom here...please help me out if I am missing something.   Though I don't necessarily agree with the Chick-Fil-A boycott, it IS market forces at work. There is no suppression of freedom by people labeling a company as anti-gay, and subsequently refusing to eat there. This is not fact this is freedom in its purest form. Instead of being forced to support a company that you do not agree with, gay rights activists are exercising their freedom of both association and the press with the boycott. I think that Colson is just angry because these freedoms are being directed against views that he himself holds

       The same thing can be said with Apple and the Manhattan Declaration, which is an issue that for some reason Colson just cannot let go. Apple is in no way required to approve of an app. that does not conform with its companies policies. If Colson truly wants Apple to change its policy, then I have a solution...its called a boycott. You see, instead of just classifying themselves as victims, a boycott actually forces people to put their actions in line with their words...something that I feel Colson and the like are just not willing to do.


  1. Very nicely put, sir.

    I have all but ceased to listen to those who label themselves as "christian".

    I feel ashamed as a gay man to hold some matters of faith and belief in common with such small minded and obtuse people.

    Hope that this generation will die out within my lifetime is fleeting, as I meet more and more of their offspring that are being raised in the same dogma and indoctrination of fear and hate of the "otherness" of those they espouse to be concerned for.

    Maybe when this country(the United States) ceases to be a "christian nation", whatever that may be, then we will see true freedom and liberty for all.


  2. Further, not everone that calls themselves "christian" agrees with this douchebag on gay marraige.

    Fuck you, Chuck. Not everyone with your faith wants to be associated with your bigotry.


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