Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oh the Reality of Christian Chicken- How the Gay Blogosphere Got it Really Really Wrong

     Is Chick-fil-A anti-gay? That question has been working its way through the gay blogosphere of late, and to many people the answer is obvious. As one of the blogs I read, Good as You  has shown, there are are direct ties to the southern food chain and those who oppose marriage equality. So now because of this, the chain is coming under increased pressure from gay rights groups and many are threatening boycotts.

      All I have to say is this....where the hell were you people? Are you that blind? Is it something new that Chick-fil-A was founded on traditional family principles and that they were an overtly Christian company? Not at all!! Everyone and their mothers have known this - you can tell right away just by the fact that they are closed on Sunday, and if thats not can do just a tad bit of research (like two minutes) on the internet.

      The gay blogosphere has really outdone themselves with this one. Seriously, what did you guys expect? For example, I would not walk into Lifeway Christian Bookstores - a chain owned by the Southern Baptists - and expect that they would be pleased with the whole gay thing. Therefore, do I shop at Lifeway? Nope!! In regards to Chick-fil-A, I think that LGBT community really didn't care that the company was "anti-gay", they ignored the obvious signs of a very very conservative Christian company and instead decided that they just wanted their chicken. So I have to question why now? Why after all these years are you seriously making an issue - have you finally got tired of their sandwiches?

       Do you (and I mean LGBT bloggers) really think that Chick-fil-A will give a damn about your tirade? Do you think that your petitions on will really make that big of an impact? Though I applaud your passion, I really think that it is misguided at this moment. Chick-fil-A really doesn't care about its gay customers, and it never has cared about them. The group that keeps it in business is not those who are equality minded, instead it is those who like the fact that the company was founded on "Christian Principles".  If it bows to our pressure, it will lose them, and if it fights back, it gains from them a larger and more stubborn support base. You are not messing with a Target or a Best Buy, companies that DO have to exist in the real world, instead you are dealing with a company that not only is completely privately owned, but is also firmly in the pocket of religious conservatives. All I have to say is, by the LGBT community making a big issue out of this, I believe the end result will not be helping our cause.


  1. I completely agree, Jeremy sounded the horn on the behalf of the secretive Gay Inc. Country Club members.

    The true funny thing is that I know a woman whom is a lesbian and she owns five Chick-fil-A and one location the staff is like 80% lgbt members

  2. Agreed. The only Chick-fil-A food item I've ever had was a free sample being handed out at our local mall. There are tons of other food options in this community and Chick-fil-A's social/business agenda has always appeared obviously to me, even without researching them or their actions. I shop elsewhere

  3. I would argue if there's a reason to boycott Chick-Fil-A it would be because they serve overpriced processed chicken and that stuff is unhealthy; And that their service sucks, which is why perhaps they've limited themselves to college campuses, cheap malls, and catering to anti-gay christians.


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