Thursday, January 20, 2011

Does Democracy Mean Anything to the National Organization for Marriage?

      The people over at the National Organization for Marriage never cease to astound me. Because of their loss in Washington D.C. the other day, they are determined to use the new Congress to force this issue upon those who live in Washington D.C., Brian Brown states,
“While we are disappointed that the US Supreme Court did not decide to take the case challenging the denial of the civil rights of District residents to vote on the definition of marriage, we are by no means done pressing this issue.  With a pro-marriage majority in the new Congress we will explore a number of avenues to force the District to fulfill their constitutional responsibility to voters. As the four Court of Appeal justices who dissented in this case made clear, the District of Columbia owes it to the voters to allow them to decide the critical issue of marriage which has existed since before there was a District of Columbia. In order to curry favor with the same-sex marriage special interest group, members of the City Council have turned their backs on their own constituents. It is ironic that these same council members champion the right of District votes to be heard in national elections but then deny those same residents the right to vote on the definition of marriage. We will press our belief with Congress that the constitution of the District requires that voters be allowed to decide this important issue.”
       Does this at all shock anyone reading this? So Brian Brown and the National Organization for Marriage are going to the United States Congress - a body that has authority over the District - to change the will of a democratically elected city council. 

      To put this into context. The District of Columbia DOES NOT have any representation in the United States Congress. Thus, the National Organization for Marriage, the group that supposedly cherishes democracy, is asking a body that is not elected by the people of Washington D.C. to override the decision of those whom the people of Washington D.C. elected. This alone shows that NOM does not care about the democratic process, and will use anything - even if it means overriding the express will of the voters - to eliminate marriage equality. 

     Here is my message to NOM - if the citizens of Washington D.C. want the law to change, do you know what they will do? They will elect a different city council!! Get your hands out of the District!

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