Friday, January 7, 2011

And the Family Research Council Thinks its Conservative?

     Today, the Family Research Council released a statement on why they are boycotting the Conservative Political Action Conference. According to them, it is because the Conference is allowing openly gay organizations, which have goals to legalize same-sex marriage as other pro-LGBT initiatives. This, according to the FRC, demeans Conservatism in general, for...

FRC has chosen not to partner with a "conservative" event that places the protection of marriage on the same plane as redefining it. Would CPAC team up with the Brady Campaign which fights to restrict--if not abolish--the Second Amendment? Would it collaborate with groups who promote doubling capital gains taxes? Regardless of what CPAC organizers may believe, conservatives and homosexual activists cannot coexist in a movement predicated on social values. This has nothing to do with whether individual homosexuals should be allowed to attend CPAC, or whether they are capable of holding conservative positions on some issues. We recognize that some organizations represented at CPAC are silent on the issue of homosexuality. But organizations whose whole reason for existence is to promote the forced public affirmation of homosexual conduct should not be welcomed at CPAC, because that is not-by any stretch of the imagination-a "conservative" agenda. By allying itself with liberal social organizations, ACU is abandoning at least a third of the conservative movement.
      The last sentence in that little diatribe is key.  The ACU - American Conservative Union, the organization that sponsors CPAC - is abandoning at least a "third" of the conservative movement. Todays Conservatism is made up of at least three branches, the libertarian/fiscal conservative wing, the neo-conservative/strong military wing, and the social conservative/anti-gay, abortion, euthanasia, etc. wing. Organizations such as GOProud and Log Cabin Republicans find themselves aligned with the first two but not the latter. In fact, the first two, back in the 1970's co-opted the third when they realized the power that could be gathered from the evangelical vote.

     Social Conservatism also goes against everything that the first two stand for. The libertarian minded organizations in CPAC do not want the government involved in ANYTHING, must less espousing a social agenda that seeks to "protect marriage" from the evil gays. Thus, if anything, the social conservatives are the true anti-conservatives, not GOProud or the LCR.

     As more and more social conservative organizations boycott CPAC - such as the Concerned Women for America, National Organization for Marriage, Heritage Foundation, etc. - we on the equality side should be rejoicing. The lack of bending to the social conservatives by the ACU and CPAC is encouraging, for it shows that these organizations are losing their clout in the overall conservative movement. Something any pro-equality person, conservative or liberal, should be rejoicing over.

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