Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Let Us Not Play the Victim

     This past year has been one of growth and thought for me. I have transformed from a guy who "took on proudly the role of victim" to one that has taken a more "stable", as I will put it, outlook. Let me explain...

     Every day I scour news sites for articles pertaining to gay rights and gay marriage issues, and I am astounded by the level of hatred and lack of compassion by commenter's on these sites. They assert that gay people are depraved, sick in the head, forcing our agenda on an unwilling audience, wanting "special rights", disgusting etc. They have no qualms in their hatred of our community. Yet, though I frequent these news sites, I also frequent LGBT blogs and such. From a community that I expect to be the ones who are not hating and belittling others, I see the exact opposite. I see a group of people who are JUST AS hate filled and angry. They call those who oppose equal rights for LGBT people as bigots and haters (yet those are more flowery interpretations for their words).

     Are we any better than those opposite us? Yes, I grant that we are discriminated against every day (I myself am a testament to that), I grant that these people are seeking to put us back in the closet, and I grant that these people are blatantly speaking falsehoods about our community. These things cannot be denied. But at the same time, are we losing our own credibility when we respond in the same way. You see, the LGBT community and our opponents are fighting a battle over control of the American peoples ideas and views. Are we attracting this community with honey or are we repelling them with the same vinegar that our opponents emit?

    My husband has been working on me over these ideas, and he has made a great impact on my thinking with one phrase. He says, "Instead of focusing too much on the hatred and the negativity,  just show the world that you are successful, that you are not what these people say that you are, but that you are open and proud of who you are at the same time." You see my friends, that is the key. No longer are we some fringe minority group that is yearning for acceptance, but we ARE going into the mainstream. Thus, we have to act in a way that is fitting of this new role. Instead of being the bitchy and angry victims that we have been for years, we must now show the world our families and our lives, that we are normal, and are not trying to "impose ourselves" on the American people. If we don't, I fear that we might be our own undoing.

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