Thursday, December 23, 2010

Irish Civil Partnerships Bill is Signed into Law

     Here is some awesome news from Ireland. Though the law was passed this past April, the Justice Minister, Dermot Aherm, officially signed the new law. It goes into effect on January the 1st. Though civil partnerships are "separate but equal" in my opinion, they are a good stepping stone to full marriage equality.

From the Irish Examiner,

Justice Minister Dermot Ahern today signed the Commencement Orders for the Civil Partnership and Certain Rights of Cohabitants Act 2010.

Enacted in July, the Act establishes a civil partnership registration scheme for same-sex couples together with a range of rights, obligations and protections including maintenance obligations, protection of a shared home, pension rights and succession.

The Commencement Orders mean that from January 1 same-sex couples will be able to apply to the Civil Registrar to enter into a civil partnership, although due to a three-month notice period the first civil partnership ceremonies are likely to occur in April.

On registration of a civil partnership, the civil partners will be treated in the same way as spouses under the tax and social welfare codes. The changes required to introduce civil partnership into the tax and social welfare codes also come into effect from January 1.

“I am particularly pleased to bring this Act into operation," Minister Ahern said today.

"The new legal regime reflects the many forms of relationships in modern Irish society," he added.

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