Friday, September 3, 2010

Gay Senator Ashburn Opposes Bill Passed by California Senate Condemning Uganda

On Monday, the California Senate adopted a resolution that condemned the proposed bill in Uganda that would give the death penalty or prison to homosexuality and the American religious influences that have encouraged the introduction of this bill in the Ugandan Parliament.

The resolution passed 21-14, but one particular vote was looked at with some puzzlement by LGBT activists in California. Recently outed GOP Senator Roy Ashburn voted against the legislation ,saying that it focused to much on American religious leaders and American religious views of homosexuality than on the conduct of the Ugandan government.

First, I will provide the link to the full resolution that was passed, so that you all can read for yourself what it says.

I for one, see where Senator Ashburn is coming from, yet I believe that he gives American religious organizations to much leeway. First off, the bill does focus on American religious leaders and condemns those that have had a part in fanning the fires of anti-LGBT feeling in Uganda. This is only appropriate, because religious leaders ARE the cause of this increase in LGBT hatred and persecution. The link has been well established between American religious figures and Ex-Gay leaders and the current bill. Therefore the resolution in California is completely appropriate; too bad if religious people think that they are being attacked for their position.

I think that this resolution is actually a very good thing, insomuch that it is a condemnation for religious based bigotry in America. Many times American religious people do not like to admit that their philosophy and words have direct consequences. They say to us, oh well we are just saying what we believe, we would never advocate killing someone; that may be true, but the root of their ideas have directly contributed to violence. "Christians" - naming on religion - use the passages in the Bible stating that homosexuality is an abomination or that gay people should receive what is their due - death - and yet don't expect people to actually follow thru on such admonitions and harmful words. They assume that because of "religious freedom" that they can spout off rhetoric (often guised in scripture) that basically compares LGBT people with cockroaches that deserve to be crushed. And then they don't expect anything to come of such rhetoric.

Personally, I think that "Christians" and religious leaders in America are very naive and stupid to think that way, and as such I applaud the California Senate for giving them the credit for violence that they are due.

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